The DCC Lifestyle Membership is guaranteed to be the only you or your organization will ever need. The cost of subscribing will translate into outstanding value and convenience.

This membership will be your all-purpose solution to a vast and ever-expanding selection of benefits, privileges and services – altogether extraordinary due to the superior quality of service and special preferential treatment you or your organization will enjoy from DCC, our partners and local and abroad supplier.

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DreamCatcher Consultancy (DCC) is also an independent consultant of lifestyle service for Banyan Tree Holdings, a luxury hotel group. The groups’ brands include Banyan Tree Hotel & Resorts Angsana Hotel & Resorts, Cassia Hotels, and Dhawa Hotels.

Some of the benefits DCC Lifestyle Membership will offer you

  • Membership cards and user guide
  • Member discount on all services and products
  • Access to events management services
  • Invitation to monthly VIP events and activities
  • Access to lifestyle and leisure solutions
  • Access to image and lifestyle consulting solutions
  • Hospitality and leisure solutions for sporting events
  • Guest and VIP management
  • Corporate meetings, conference and function management
  • Complimentary travel planning and tailor-made trips for spa, golf, etc.

Some of our varied services we offer:

  • Resorts and hotel holiday packages
  • Resorts and hotels’ lifestyle sales and marketing
  • Exclusive golf tours
  • Exclusive spa tours
  • Five stars resort and hotel private residence property tours
  • Hotel and resort memberships
  • Boating